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Our clinic is designed to help you obtain a comprehensive annual medical examination if you do not have a family doctor. We strongly encourage patients to take a proactive approach to their health while we focus on disease/cancer prevention and screening. Your assessment will include: a medical examination, a complete blood analysis and screening tests (Pap smear, exercise treadmill test, PSA, mammogram, bone density, colonoscopy etc.) depending on your age, gender and risk factors. An extensive risk review of your medical history and lifestyle will also be provided.


Your assessment at our clinic will involve three steps. First, you will need to complete a medical questionnaire and mail/fax it back to our office. Second, after our office receives your completed questionnaire, you will be called for an appointment for a medical examination which will last approximately 30 minutes. Third, after all of your test results are forwarded to our office you will return for a reassessment which could last up to 30 minutes.


Your medical assessment and follow-up appointment is fully covered by OHIP. An educational package is offered to you for $50.00 which we believe is excellent value and will include the following: an educational binder including your health summary, relevant test results and educational articles from the medical literature (which you will find insightful), a nutritional book for future reference and a CD ROM which tracks and manages your medical profile.


We look forward to assessing you if you are without a family doctor. Please call our office for information on obtaining a questionnaire.





Our services have recently expanded and we are now able to help you if you require a medical completed for a job placement. Whether you are an individual or a company requiring a medical for job entry we can help. Complete Medical of Barrie has a full range of occupational health services. We are committed to offering quality service with fast turnaround time. Clients value the benefits of obtaining a comprehensive set of services promptly and under one roof. Many services are available in our building(s) including: pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, audiometry, physiotherapy and several specialists. We look forward to hearing from you or your company if you would like this service. Please give our office a call to book an appointment.





Several insurance companies have chosen Complete Medical of Barrie to help them with the completion of life insurance medical forms. Combining professional expertise with an excellent location we are able to help clients in Simcoe County from unnecessary travel and time lost. We understand the value in having these forms completed as soon as possible and once again we are committed to offering quality and professional service with fast turnaround time. If we can be of help to your company in this regard then please don’t hesitate to give us a call to book an appointment.

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